This is an exchange programme that allows students to be placed in overseas internship projects with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Under the guidance of the Centre for Development of Corporate Citizenship (C-DOCC) at the S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research, USP students intern with NGOs in Mumbai, with the objective of contributing positively and thoughtfully to India's socio-economic development. This means going beyond a strictly textbook or intellectual understanding of development and social change, and the internship makes this possible.


  • The classes imbued me with further knowledge especially on politics (international relations and political philosophy) pertaining to India specifically, putting me in good stead to better pursue a career in the South Asia region. Interacting with classmates further gave me an informal but important education whereby I learnt more about Indian culture and society, such as various religious customs, career aspirations of the younger generation, perceptions towards new educational policies, and political views to just name a few.

    GOH HAN LIM (Political Science + USP)