Professor Terry Hunt, Dean of Clark Honors College (CHC) at the University of Oregon, and Dr Elizabeth Raisanen, CHC’s Director of Undergraduate Advising, visited USP on 24 March 2017 to learn more about USP and to renew our long-standing student exchange programme (SEP).


It was our greatest pleasure to host Prof Hunt and Dr Raisanen. Our visitors and USP Directors – Assoc Profs Kang Hway Chuan and Low Boon Chuan – along with USP administrative staff, had a very productive meeting to gain a better understanding of the curricula of both programmes. Prof Hunt and Dr Raisanen also had the opportunity to interact with our faculty and students. They observed USP classes in action and held an information session for students interested in pursuing an exchange at CHC. Students, faculty and staff also had the privilege of attending Prof Hunt’s NUS Public Lecture entitled “Revisiting Easter Island’s Enigmatic Past”, in which he spoke of his ground-breaking research.

CHC visit 01

Prof Hunt’s Public Lecture entitled “Revisiting Easter Island’s Enigmatic Past”.


Dr Raisanen later reflected on the various similarities between USP and CHC, commenting, “From rigorous curricula, to small class sizes, to state-of-the-art living and learning accommodations, USP and CHC are truly sister schools that enrol some of the best and most motivated students at each institution. Our exchange programme provides exciting opportunities for our students to meet one another and to take a wide array of new classes in a new place that will nevertheless feel very familiar".


Prof Hunt encourages USP students to discover and visit Oregon. He believes that, “Similar to USP, the Clark Honors College offers students the rigor and quality of a small programme with the diverse opportunities of a major research university. In contrast to the urban setting of NUS, students coming to Oregon will enjoy the charm of an American small college town and the natural beauty of Oregon’s forests and snow-capped mountains. Our exchange is a wonderful living-abroad opportunity for talented students from both universities".


With the renewed ties, USP students have the opportunity to spend one semester or a year at the prestigious Clark Honors College and take course offered by both CHC and the University of Oregon as a whole. Reciprocally, USP will host students from CHC to study at NUS and live alongside USP students at our residential college — Cinnamon College (USP) — also for a semester or a year. We are pleased to offer this SEP from AY2018/19 onwards and look forward to the wonderful exchange and friendship between USP students and those from CHC at the University of Oregon.

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CHC visit 02

From left to right: Assoc Prof Kang Hway Chuan (USP Director), Prof Terry Hunt (Dean, Clark Honors College),
Dr Elizabeth Raisanen (Director of Undergraduate Advising, Clark Honors College) and Assoc Prof Low Boon Chuan (USP Deputy Director for Academic Matters)