About USP

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is a multidisciplinary, partially residential, academic programme for National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduates.

We admit 180 students each year, and offer the freedom to explore across disciplines, a wide range of extracurricular and overseas opportunities, and a close community of exceptionally motivated and talented students. The aim is to produce graduates with the intellectual rigour, initiative, and innovative spirit to make significant contributions to society.

To this end, we provide an environment for exploration, collaboration, and creative discovery. Our unique modules are designed to develop interdisciplinary thinking. Learning extends beyond the classroom through a wide range of research, internship, community involvement, and study abroad opportunities. Perhaps most important of all, our students learn from each other by working and discussing together in a host of different settings.

USP is an honours programme. Our students are concurrently enrolled in one of seven faculties or schools – Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Design and Environment, Engineering, Science, and * Law. They do 30% of their academic work with USP, and 70% in their home faculty or school where they do their majors. Our students attend USP classes that are taught in seminar style, with class sizes ranging from 10 to 35. This facilitates maximum interaction between professors and students.

Since August 2011, USP includes a residential component — Cinnamon College (USP) — in the University Town where all USP students will stay in their first year, and a second year of their choice. The residential component is important in integrating students to USP, so that they fully experience the benefits of life in a closely-knit learning community during their course of study at NUS.

Students apply to join USP. Application is by transcript, essay, and interview with our professors and alumni. Students are admitted based on their academic potential and co-curricular achievements, together with their passion, motivation, and curiosity.

USP is not a scholarship disbursement programme. USP students may however apply for NUS scholarships, or can be recipients of other scholarships.

Upon successful completion of USP requirements and an honours programme, USP students graduate with an honours degree from their faculty or school, and a certificate that recognises them as University Scholars.

* Students planning to enrol in the Faculty of Law should take extra care to understand how the Law curriculum interfaces with the USP curriculum. These details can be found at http://law.nus.edu.sg/admissions/llb_usp.html. It is especially worth noting that, at the end of a Law + USP student’s candidature, his or her USP classes will be prorated to 12 modular credits. This prorating is solely for the purpose for calculating the student’s class of Honours in Law, and does not mean that the USP classes contribute less to the student’s overall graduation requirements.