About USP

The University Scholars Programme (USP) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) offers students a globally distinctive university experience that

Goes beyond a major by providing core intellectual skills which cut across disciplines. 
Encourages growth and fosters leadership attributes in a residential college setting.     

Provides opportunities to learn about and impact upon global issues from a Singapore perspective.

USP aims to be a community of people who are

Each year, 180 incoming NUS undergraduates are admitted to USP

A USP student is one who pursues a major in one of seven NUS partner faculties or schools, and seeks – through the USP curriculum – strength, intellectual rigour and connection across disciplines.

A USP student values intense academic inquiry, research, exploration and engagement. Within an educational environment that supports diverse initiatives, myriad opportunities and a sustained residential experience, USP students form a community that is at once curious, critical and engaged.

It is our aim that, at the end of four years with USP and having attained an Honours degree at a NUS faculty or school, a USP graduate will have the confidence to make substantial and meaningful contributions to solving the big problems of our changing world.

Students admitted to USP are concurrently enrolled in 1 of 7 NUS faculties or schools

USP students earn 70% of their academic credits in their home faculty and 30% in USP.

USP students live at the USP residential college called Cinnamon College for a minimum of two years.

This will be in year one and a second year of choice. In fact, many USP students stay more than two years at the residential college. College-living-and-learning is integral and very much weaved into the everyday life of a USP student, regardless of whether one is a resident or not.

To learn more about USP, please view our informational material — USP Micro Prospectus.