Five USP-Law students impressed at the annual Asia Law Students’ Association International Moot Court Competition (AIMCC) 2018 held in Myanmar from 24 – 28 August. They were in the teams that emerged Champion and First Runner-up.

The Champion team comprised all USP students:
Chester Su Yong Meng (Law + USP, Class of 2019)
Chuan Limin (Law + USP, Class of 2019)
Ong Shaw Shiuan (Law + USP, Class of 2019)
Teh Chee Yang (Law + USP, Class of 2019)

The First Runner-up team comprised one USP student:
Isabella Tan Yi Lin (Law + USP, Class of 2021)

Organised by the Asian Law Students’ Association (represented by Law students from some 15 Asian countries), AIMCC is a mooting competition that simulates an investor-state dispute before the Permanent Court of Arbitration. It is a platform for university students to develop analytical skills, and skills in legal research, writing and advocacy. It also helps to expand their knowledge on and become exposed to issues of international law in a simulated environment. The competition also promotes networking amongst law students, and encourages the exchange of ideas and perspectives on contemporary legal issues across countries.

This year, AIMCC saw 20 teams – four of which were from NUS – competing in the oral rounds. We’re extremely proud that the final two teams were from NUS, and absolutely ecstatic that they were made up of mostly USP students!

Chester, Limin, Shaw Shiuan, Chee Yang and Isabella told us: “all five of us would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to USP for the support during the past few weeks, and for bringing all of us together in this closely-knit community. Many of our practice rounds for this competition took place in the comfort of Cinnamon College, and we benefited from the inputs of fellow USP students who extended their help to us.”

It is through moments like this that we learn to appreciate our diverse yet closely-knit community, of how we can give courage to one another to go out there and do well. Kudos to all!


Law Moot 2018 12

The Champion team: (from L to R) Limin, Shaw Shiuan, Chee Yang and Chester.


Law Moot 2018 13

It was an intense round of Finals for Isabella (R) and her teammate as they competed with their NUS counterpart.


Law Moot 2018 16

Chester (L) and Limin (R) spoke for their team at the Finals and emerged Champions.


Law Moot 2018 17 2

The final two NUS teams that emerged as Champions and First Runner-up in the moot competition.