barbour scholarship name

Photo: Barbour Scholars, University of Michigan


USP alum Feng Yuanqiu (Architecture + USP, Class of 2014) was recently awarded the Barbour Scholarship by the University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School for Academic Year 2018/19. Another USP alum Tiffany Chuang May (Sociology + USP, Class of 2011) was also a recipient of the scholarship for Academic Year 2017/18.

Among the oldest and most prestigious awards granted by the University of Michigan, the scholarship offers funding to female students from Asia and the Middle East. The endowment was set up by Mr Levi Lewis Barbour, former Regent at University of Michigan, to support women from Asia who study at the University and who demonstrate outstanding academic and professional quality.

Yuanqiu is currently a PhD candidate in Natural Resources and Environment studying how socio-cultural perceptions of water create or curb opportunities for managing stormwater. There are new approaches to managing drainage in urban environments such as green or smart stormwater infrastructure. She investigates how a deeper appreciation of cultural perception could help guide the development of urban drainage adaption strategies.

A PhD candidate in Sociology, Tiffany’s dissertation delves into the realities of life in public housing in Singapore. It examines interactions between individuals and entities in public housing neighbourhoods, ranging from government agencies and non-government organisations to grassroots groups, voluntary associations and residents.

Congrats ladies, for clinching the scholarship and we wish you all the best for your studies!

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