Senior Manager/Manager (Pastoral Care)

Pastoral care of students in NUS Scholars Programme (USP) and Cinnamon College.

Specific duties include:

  • Provide one-to-one first-line counselling support to students in the USP and its residential college.
  • Take care of, counsel self-referred students in distress, and refer medium-, high-risk students to further psychological support and care.
  • Provide timely support and check-ins to maintain student well-being, and facilitate recovery.
  • Provide initial support and short-term monitoring to at-risk students or students having a breakdown before necessary links to/with NUS’ Counselling and Psychological Service or emergency services are established.
  • Avert/prevent crisis of distress through early detection and referral, working closely with student groups, module instructors, and relevant admin staff and residential college fellows and student assistants, and home faculties.
  • Outreach to students and staff to increase awareness and decrease stigmatization of mental health issues, working with various stakeholders.
  • Co-organise talks, training workshops with relevant offices and student groups, to build resilience skills.
  • Develop, manage, and maintain mental health resources and informational materials for students, residents, and staff.
  • Manage related budget and resources including records and reports.
  • Collaborate with relevant (internal and external) stakeholders to manage cases and provide psychological support to students and staff.
  • Manage confidential, timely, and sensitive communications.



  • Minimum undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Post-graduate degree or relevant professional training a major advantage.
  • Preferably with at least two years of counselling or counselling-related work.
  • Strong understanding and familiarity with higher education environment.
  • Experience in working in cross-cultural settings and strong interest in working with a diverse population of students.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both collaboratively and independently.